Monday, October 28, 2013

All about my Baby Boys..

This Wednesday we have Coley's 6 month check up.  I obviously love seeing how he and his big brother compare in size and everything so I looked back at the blog from when T was 6 months to see what he was up to at that point and it made me so sad that I used to be so good at writing all about Treagan back then and I haven't written a thing about Colston!  AGGGHHH.  Kicking myself.  I am committing to be better though!!  I thought being a mother to one was busy, but had no idea what adding another to the mix would be like!  It's nutso, but I would not have it any other way.  I am loving these 2 sweet boys more and more with each passing day and just feel completely amazed that I somehow got blessed to be the one they call Mama.  Anyway, a little about our Co-Co Bear....  This baby is the happiest baby in the world!  He really has been such a blessing to me.  There were only a couple weeks, maybe from like 1-2 months, where he would fuss a little.  But otherwise he has seriously been so great!  He smiles constantly and rarely cries.  It's a  huge relief for this worn out mommy!  And Treagan has adjusted to the whole thing so well!  He loves Baby Cole and is always so concerned about him.  Cole loved to sleep in the swing at first.  It was hard for me to let him because I was so set about having my babies be in their room from day 1.  But he did so much better in the swing, so I finally gave in and let him sleep there for a few months.  He was sleeping through the night (usually about 8-10 hours) by 2 months.  SO AWESOME!  He did have a little problem with his neck though.  The doctors think he may have been too crowded in my belly and he was therefor stuck in just one position for a bit during his stay in my womb.  So he came out unable to look to the left very well.  He was diagnosed with Torticollis (luckily very early) and we started Physical Therapy when he was just weeks old.  It helped a ton and we were fortunately able to fix the problem before it caused too much damage and mishape to his cute little head.  He has been a great baby so far.  Not very fussy, not very spitty, mostly breastfeeds, but will take a bottle when needs be, sleeps well, happy all the time.  He's just a dream baby!  Anyway, I love both of these little angels so much.  Looking forward to Coley Oley's appointment this week.  I'm excited to see what a big boy he is!

Colston K Behunin

Well. . . He's here!  We made it to our scheduled C section date, MAY 6TH, much to the Doctors surprise.  Dr. Haskett really had me thinking I was going to go into labor before, but luckily we made it and all of our well laid plans were carried out perfectly!  My sweet friend Shanna came and picked Treagan up for us on Monday morning.  It was so nice of her to let T play with her and Stella, so my fam could be at the hospital with me for the birth.  We got to the hospital, met my cute mama, sis, and Gentry there.  Abby of course made sure she was working that morning too so she could give little Cole his first bath.  I felt so thankful to have so much love and support surrounding us during such an amazing experience.  We chatted for a bit, and before I knew it I was giving hugs and being wheeled back for surgery!  I definitely felt more mentally prepared this time.  After the epidural they laid me back and then Kellster came in.  Such a relief to have him by my side.  He was giving me the play by play on what they were doing on the other side of the curtain.  Then I heard my doctors saying, "That's a huge head!"  "Wow it's a monster baby, he's huge!"  Then, because he was so big for my body, they had a super hard time getting him out.  They tugged and tugged and pushed on my ribs... I seriously felt like I was being run over by a car.  Not gonna lie... It was a bit traumatic.  They finally got him out and he was wailing!  Much different than my experience with Tay's birth.  I was relieved that he came out crying.  I heard them yell out 8 lbs 14 oz at 8:14 am!  Pretty cool.  So yeah, he was a much bigger babe than Trey.  Almost 3 pounds difference!  But besides the weight difference he looked just like his big brother.  So precious.  I of course was crying through the whole thing.  Daddy went with baby to get him cleaned up, while I sat in recovery with my mom and sisters.  I laid there mostly just in shock until I finally got wheeled down to meet and feed my sweet new baby.  He was perfect.  I was in a bit of a fog for the first few minutes so I watched my mom hold him from across the room.  I was having a hard time believing he was mine.  I was starting to panic and worry that I wasn't bonding with this sweet baby the way I should be.  I felt nauseated.  I was shaking.  I didn't even feel like I wanted to nurse him.  It was odd!!!  But then he was laid in my arms.  The sweet little burrito bundled so tightly.  He smelled divine and I knew he was mine.  All mine.  Heavenly Father had officially trusted me... little old me... to be his Earthly mother.  I immediately felt inadequate, but loved him the second I nuzzled into his little face.  It's one of the sweetest moments when you meet your child for the first time.  It's an experience that will never get old and I pray I'll never forget.  They mentioned that he had initially had a hard time breathing so they had to do Cpap, but that he was good to go.  Not true.  A few hours later he was all blue and not breathing and was immediately admitted to the NICU. The nurses there were amazing and took such good care of our new little bundle.  Todd and Kelly gave Colston a blessing in the NICU that first night.  I don't remember much of what was said, probably because I was still so drugged up, but I remember the feeling.  I knew everything was going to be okay and was told that there was something extra special about this little guy.  Although it was hard to have him in the NICU during my hospital stay, and we would much rather have been able to have him in my room and to be able to show off his cute face to all our sweet visitors, we feel blessed that he was only there 4 days.  He finally passed his oxygen tests and we were able to take him home with us.  My recovery this time has been amazing compared to the last time! I don't know if its because I knew what to expect this time or if it was all the extra walking to the NICU I had to do, maybe both.  But I feel blessed.  Another huge blessing was all of the help I had while I recovered.  My mom took several days off work, which was huge.  Kelly's parents came to town that weekend, and Kell's work gave him two weeks of paternity leave. It was so awesome.  They mostly helped entertain Treagan so I could focus on the newborn.  We also had tons of meals brought in from friends and family and we are just so thankful!  Having a new baby in the home is such a sweet and wonderful (and tiring) time and we are so proud of and happy to be a family of FOUR!

So today is now October 28th.  I wrote that all within a few weeks of Colston's birth, but I hadn't added pictures so I was waiting until I did so to post it.  But I obviously am not getting around to it, and I post most my pics these days to Instagram.  So if you want pics, go there.  I think my blog these days will be more words, less pics.  Mostly just to document the life of our little family so I'll never forget all of these sweet details!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun, fun, fun. . .

This ought to be the last belly pic.  It's gotten huge in the last couple weeks.
Have to save a pic of it cuz I didn't do it much with T, and just like everyone said. . .
I wished I had.
So here ya go, me in all my beached whale glory.  Cankles and all.  38 weeks.
At my Doctor apt last week, Dr. Haskett told me he thought my body was done carrying this baby and that he wouldn't be surprised if the baby decided to come that weekend!  Holy crap, it put me in a panic.  But also got me super excited because as you know, I am ready to be done!  Well it's Sunday night and no baby yet.  So we shall see.  But just in case this was going to be our last weekend with Tay in the spotlight for a while, we definitely took advantage of our 'freedom' and did some fun things with him. Saturday we played in the yard, went on a bike ride, had hot dogs at Macey's for lunch and played in the bounce house, went to Hee Haw Farm, and then ended our day o fun at The Living Planet Aquarium!  Such a fun day!  And I think Trey was really feelin the love.  Here's the few pics I did take. . . Love you Treagan O.  So much.  You are the happiest, funniest, sweetest little boy in the world, and I couldn't be more proud to call you my son!
I love this family of mine.
Pen, Quinner, Daddy, and Tay on the swing.
Hay Ride!
Somebody was afraid of the goat.
The goat was after his sucker. . . Wouldn't leave him alone.
Uncle Jare trying to talk Ammon into feeding the animals.
He was more brave with the babies.
Going up to the top of the slide with Daddy.
And coming down. . . ALL. BY. HIMESELF!  Haha everyone couldn't
believe that such a little guy could be so brave.  It was hilarious.
And of course he wanted to go again.  And again.
He could have stayed in the corn pit the entire time and been completely happy.
The crew burying Trey.
Ammon putting corn in his mouth.
Now onto the Aquarium.
Checking out the otters.
Petting the baby sharks.  He's more brave than Mama is.
Splashing in the water.
Waiting for the shark.
The cutest Captain and Co-Captain in the world.
Just had to add this pic from today.  He loves being outside in the warm sunshine and I LOVE that he loves it.
And he's still doing SO well in his big boy bed!  Could not be more proud of him!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I think I can, I think I can. . .

Who's that person with the big belly following me everywhere these days?
Well... We are getting dangerously close to that very bright light at the end of the tunnel! We have less than 2 weeks til our little guy arrives!  Since I had Treagan at 37 weeks I totally got out of what I had no idea was SO HARD!  These last few weeks this pregnancy have been really tough for me.  I've tried to keep upbeat and positive and busy, but can feel myself slowing down big time..  I'm not sure if it's because I have a toddler to tote around this time or if it's cuz I didn't get this huge last time, but for sure my back is in much worse shape this go around. I've had really bad sciatica and if I'm not careful, my legs give out and I fall... All the time.  It's so frustrating!  And I feel so big and awkward.  But good news is... Less than 2 weeks.  I can do anything for 11 days! As excited as I am to be donezo being an oven for this child, I'm also just cherishing every second I have alone with Tay.  He has seriously grown up so much in just the last couple months, it's been incredible to watch.  He knows all of his colors, can say all of our friends and family's names, knows all of his body parts, sleeps in a big boy bed, says his prayers, and doesn't have to be held by Mama every second of the day!!!  Finally!  He's also become a huge fan of Daddy lately, which will be a huge blessing when I can't give him as much attention. I'm feeling grateful that Colston waited a couple months to come to us because I feel like we are much more ready for him now than we would have been a little bit ago!  Ready as we will ever be I guess.  Anyway, just thought I'd jot down the family's guesses on Colston's size and hair description like we did with T.... So fun.  Ahhh we are soooo excited to meet him!  Also wanted to post a couple pics of Treagan's new room.
Steamed and sterile and ready to go!
The new double stroller.  Holy crap this gives me anxiety. 
Brushing our teeth, and Treagan laughing and Colston wiggling in my tummy.
Kelly and our neighbor worked hard on this dresser for T's room, I LOVE IT!
2 is always better than 1.
The big boy bed.
Airplanes and Choo Choo's.
And Cars and Tractors.
Colston's Guesses:
Daddy: 7 lbs. 4 oz.  20".  Same hair as T.
Mama: 7 lbs. 7 oz.  20 1/2".  A little bit more hair than T, and darker.
Gigi L: 7 lbs. 3 oz.  19 1/2".  More hair and darker than Trey's.
Todd: 7 lbs. 9 oz.  20".  A little bit of light brown hair.
Brad:  7 lbs. 11 oz.  20 1/2".  Thin, dark brown hair.
Gentry:  7 lbs.  8 oz.  19 1/2".  Same hair as T.
Ryan: 7 lbs. 2 oz.  21".  Brown mop for hair.
Daniel: 7 lbs. 6 oz.  21".  Same hair as T.
Allie: 7 lbs. 8 oz.  20".  More hair and darker than T's.
Papa: 7 lbs.  19 1/2".  A lot of light brown hair.
Gigi B: 7 lbs. 7 oz. 20".  A lot of light hair.
Brandt:  pending
Amy:  pending
Jared: 7 lbs. 20".  Medium amount of brown hair.
Penny: 7 lbs. 2 oz. 20.8".  Lots of brown hair.

So funny! All of our guesses are so close! Gonna come down to the ounces :) and nobody guessed bald so we could be completely shocked if we get a sweet bald little dude that doesn't weigh 7 lbs!
He looks like he's ready to be a big brother!!!
He thinks he's big now that he can climb all the way to the top of the slide by himself!
Other big news for the fam is that my baby sis graduated from BYU this last weekend!  So proud of that girl and love her more than words could ever say!  She's DA BEST!  Congrats Baba!  Love you to the moon!
The 3 Musketeers.
We are so proud of that cute girl.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

St. Geezy

Sand Volleyball Babes
Lucky for us, we got invited to go to St. George last week with our good friends, the Brewers.  It seriously was the funnest little trip!  Melissa and I are only two days apart, and our little boys are only one day apart!  And... we are both prego right now.  Kinda crazy.  Maybe that's why we all get along so well!  We are twinners.
On our way down.  Had to stop half way at a park to let their wiggles out, but they mostly did great!
We spent tons of time at this park right up the road from where we were staying.
He just loved being outside all day.
Jackson is way better than Treagan is at staying in the grocery cart!
This is how we spent our days.
The pool in their backyard.
This is the park we would drive to at night before dinner.
He learned how to walk up the slide and now he thinks he's so big.
Throwing rocks in the gutter.
His bruised legs from playing outstide.  He's all boyyyyy!
Melissa and I laid out during their naps one day and lost track of time.
Apparently preggers + sun = FRIED!
The boys watchin Mickey.
Wrestling match.
Bed time movies and cuddles.
More swimmin!
Mac n Cheeeeeese!
Of course you would, Treagan.  This kid catches everything!
So of course while we were there, he somehow came down with pink eye.
BLAHHH.  Poor kid.  Luckily we were able to keep our germs to ourselves and didn't get Jacks sick too!
Already time to head back home.
Yay for worn out and sleepy babies.
Thanks Jacks and Meliss for letting us come spend your Spring Break with you!  We had the best time!  Not a day has gone by that Treagan doesn't yell for "JACKSY!!!"  Haha they were so cute together.  Love you guys!