Monday, October 28, 2013

All about my Baby Boys..

This Wednesday we have Coley's 6 month check up.  I obviously love seeing how he and his big brother compare in size and everything so I looked back at the blog from when T was 6 months to see what he was up to at that point and it made me so sad that I used to be so good at writing all about Treagan back then and I haven't written a thing about Colston!  AGGGHHH.  Kicking myself.  I am committing to be better though!!  I thought being a mother to one was busy, but had no idea what adding another to the mix would be like!  It's nutso, but I would not have it any other way.  I am loving these 2 sweet boys more and more with each passing day and just feel completely amazed that I somehow got blessed to be the one they call Mama.  Anyway, a little about our Co-Co Bear....  This baby is the happiest baby in the world!  He really has been such a blessing to me.  There were only a couple weeks, maybe from like 1-2 months, where he would fuss a little.  But otherwise he has seriously been so great!  He smiles constantly and rarely cries.  It's a  huge relief for this worn out mommy!  And Treagan has adjusted to the whole thing so well!  He loves Baby Cole and is always so concerned about him.  Cole loved to sleep in the swing at first.  It was hard for me to let him because I was so set about having my babies be in their room from day 1.  But he did so much better in the swing, so I finally gave in and let him sleep there for a few months.  He was sleeping through the night (usually about 8-10 hours) by 2 months.  SO AWESOME!  He did have a little problem with his neck though.  The doctors think he may have been too crowded in my belly and he was therefor stuck in just one position for a bit during his stay in my womb.  So he came out unable to look to the left very well.  He was diagnosed with Torticollis (luckily very early) and we started Physical Therapy when he was just weeks old.  It helped a ton and we were fortunately able to fix the problem before it caused too much damage and mishape to his cute little head.  He has been a great baby so far.  Not very fussy, not very spitty, mostly breastfeeds, but will take a bottle when needs be, sleeps well, happy all the time.  He's just a dream baby!  Anyway, I love both of these little angels so much.  Looking forward to Coley Oley's appointment this week.  I'm excited to see what a big boy he is!

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  1. Youre such a cute little mama! And have cute little boys:)
    I need more details about the craziest of two boys though. tips, dos and donts!? Email me or facebook me?? Thanks and now we really need to get these little guys together.